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Rebekah Giangreco, L.Ac. , New Moon Family Acupuncture


Bastyr University

Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Environmental Working Group - provides information about toxins and best choices for lowering our exposures. This site is extremely informative and well researched.

Safe Cosmetics - the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.


Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen - Website and blogspot with very nutritious, gluten free elimination diet friendly recipes.

Gluten Free Registry - website and mobile app to help you locate gluten free business as you travel.

Living Without Magazine - a great resource for those learning about gluten, dairy or other allergen free diets. This website has diet "quick-start" guides, recipes archives, and lots of good information.

Gluten-Free Doctor Recipes - Bellingham based ND and chef who cooks and blogs gluten free.

Healthy Green Kitchen - written by a naturopathic doctor, this site is a beautiful resource for recipes and inspiration.

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